Location Funding Institution Principal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $100,000 Oceanic Institute C. Laidley

Support efforts to develop a self-sustaining marine food fish aquaculture industry in Hawaii and ultimately, the Pacific region, by providing the technologies necessary to improve the genetic and overall reproductive management of Pacific threadfin broodstock.

  1. Complete methods development for pair spawning of Pacific threadfin for application to the genetic selection efforts.
  2. Establish and maintain domesticated and selected Pacific threadfin broodstock lines.
  3. Conduct controlled spawning of select broodstock lines to generate select seedstock for growth performance evaluation.
  4. To complete life cycle of growth-selected and control lines of Pacific threadfin and determine direct effects of selection on growth performance, and indirect effects on survival, reproductive development, and generation time.
  5. Gain estimate of heritability for growth and indirect effects on survival, dressing percentage, and reproduction in Pacific threadfin.
  6. Initiate research on water reuse technology to protect selected broodstock lines from pathogenic exposure and to decrease on-site water consumption.


Progress Report