Location Funding Institution Principal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $100,000 University of Hawaii at Manoa T. Lewis
  1. Expand the survey and sample wild decapod crustacean populations for the presence of WSSV, IHHNV, TSV, and YHV.
  2. Sample local commodity shrimp from grocery and bait shops for WSSV, IHHNV, TSV, and YHV, as well as IMNV when the shrimp originates from Brazil.
  3. Conduct bioassays feeding infected commodity shrimp to wild caught decapod crustaceans representing standing stocks of local populations to test transmissibility of viral pathogens.
  4. Conduct bioassays feeding natural or experimentally infected crustaceans to SPF shrimp to test for transmissibility; and provide diagnostic support, pathogen testing, and disease surveillance services to local producers to establish baselines of pathogen prevalence in cultured shrimp populations.
  5. Using research results obtained from Objectives 1–4, identify where existing biosecurity measures are sufficient for individual farms and where refinements may improve biosecurity. Collaborate with local farmers in an analysis of current best management practices/standard operating procedures within the industry
  6. Technology transfer.


Final Report